Chats not being emailed

Chat Monitor • 12 April 2006

This article refers to a product no longer developed by ContentWatch.

You can fix this problem by doing a Software Update.

  • Go to your Chat Monitor settings, either by clicking on the icon (Visible Mode), or using your Hot Key combination (Stealth Mode).
  • Click on the "File" menu and go to "Update Software"
  • Go through the Update Wizard

Then go to your Chat Monitor Settings and click on the "Summary Reports" link in the upper left area. Then click the "Options" button. Make sure that under "Email the summary report after it's created", the option "With individual recordings" is selected and "Compress the recordings...." Is NOT selected.

Chat Monitor will email the chats to you as an attachment to the summary email. Make sure your email accepts attachments.

Also, go to your Chat Monitor settings => Chat Monitor logs. Change the number of days to delete the logs to a smaller number. It is possible that the logs are too big, so when chat monitor emails them, your email client doesn't accept the attachments because they are too large.