How do I disable the firewall in Norton Internet Security?

31 July 2008

Please use the instructions below to disable Norton Internet Security and Norton 360:

Disabling Norton

  • Open Norton Internet Security
  • Click on Norton Internet Security tab
  • Select Settings
  • Click Auto- Protect > Turn Off
  • Click Personal Firewall > Turn Off (to enable click on Turn On)

Disabling Norton 360

  • Start Norton 360.
  • In the Norton 360 main window, in the upper-right corner, click Tasks & Settings.
  • In the Tasks & Settings window, on the right, click Change Advanced Settings.
  • In the Advanced Settings window, click Virus & Spyware Protection Settings.
  • In the Automatic Protection Settings tab, uncheck Turn on Auto-Protect, and then click Apply.
  • Under "How long would you like to disable Auto-Protect for?" select Until I turn it back on, and then click OK.
  • Click Firewall Protection Settings.
  • Under Firewall, click Off.
  • Click Apply.
  • Under "How long should the firewall remain turned off?" select Until I turn back on, and then click OK.
  • Click Close

    If these instructions do not pertain to the version of the software that you have please contact Norton Technical Support.