Remote Access

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Take peace of mind wherever you go with remote access to your family’s Net Nanny® account at your fingertips.

As a busy parent, Net Nanny® offers you the ability to access your account remotely. Check your family’s online usage reports, change your child’s profile settings and access your features on-the-go from any mobile phone, tablet or computer with an Internet connection. Access your account remotely and manage your family’s profiles and settings on-the-go from any device that has an Internet connection.

Why is Remote Access Important?

For any parent, being able to access their family’s online tools when they need to is crucial. If you’re at the office, but your child needs access to a website for their homework, you can grant them the access they need directly from the Admin console.

Remote access is also important for blended and divorced families that require access from various locations. Now, you can use Net Nanny® remotely to manage your children’s online activity if they’re spending the weekend away with another parent or caregiver.

For busy families on the go, being able to update settings and manage user profiles from wherever you are can make the hard job of parenting that much easier.

Access Your Account from Anywhere

With Net Nanny’s remote access, you can make updates to your child’s profile and adjust settings from wherever you are – all you need is access to a connected device. Want to adjust your child’s website blocking? No problem. All you need to do is log in to the admin console from your Mac or PC and you can access your account settings remotely.

With access to your account available wherever you go, you can keep your family’s online activity running smoothly, while also being able to access alerts and reporting, manage screen time schedules and update the categories of content that you want to be filtered for their online experience.

Stay Updated On-the-Go

Net Nanny’s advanced technology and top-rated Internet filter can go wherever your family is, keeping them safe while they’re at home and you’re at work. If you need to check-in on their online activity, simply log in to your account and check their usage report.

The usage report can tell you which websites your child has accessed, their current account settings and the terms they’ve searched for online. You can also update their allowed access to the Internet by managing their screen time schedule remotely.

Update Settings from the Cloud

Be assured that your account settings are safe and easy to access with Net Nanny’s cloud storage. Your family’s account profiles and settings are stored in the cloud for instant access from wherever you may be. Just hop online to get remote access to all the features that Net Nanny® has to offer.

How Do I Access Net Nanny® Remotely?

To manage your Net Nanny® settings please visit the Admin console at and login with your account credentials.

Once logged in, you can update the following settings:

  • Create a screen time schedule when your child is allowed to access the Internet
  • Filter categories including: Abortion, Alcohol, Anime, Dating, Death/Gore, Drugs, Gambling, Lingerie/Swimsuits, Mature, Nudity, Pornography, Provocative, Proxy, Sexual Health, Suicide, Tobacco, and Weapons.
  • Allow, Warn or Block a list of websites that you choose
  • Add new users
  • Create new Admin accounts
  • View reports of Warned or Blocked websites
  • View reports of online search terms
  • Set up email notifications to alert you when Warns/Blocks occur
  • App management for Android devices
  • Manage your family’s supported devices

Manage Your Family’s Online Requests

With remote access to Net Nanny®, you can approve your child’s request for access to certain websites, giving you the power to override profile settings on a case by case basis. Net Nanny® gives you the ability to be flexible with your family’s digital experience, while still keeping them protected from adult content and blocking pornography wherever they use their devices.

Using the Net Nanny® Admin console, you can make changes to the Internet filtering settings on the fly to change access to categories to Allow, Warn or Block for each profile associated with your account.

You can also remotely access the Admin console to adjust your child’s screen time schedule in just a few moments. All you have to do is log in from a connected Mac or PC and you can update the days and hours that you allow your children to have access to the Internet.

Stay up-to-date with your family’s online activity with remote access to the best parental control software available.

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