ContentProtect Pro 3.5 Provides Internet Security, Reporting Flexibility and Enhanced Features

Archived Press Release from June 09, 2020

Business class internet filtering solution addresses growing misuse in the workplace

SALT LAKE CITY, UT - Sept. 28, 2010 - ContentWatch, ( the provider of Net Nanny parental controls, released the latest version of its business-class software, ContentProtect Pro 3.5 (CP Pro), with key features such as profanity masking, Web IM/Chat monitoring, keyword blocking, and redesigned, flexible and scalable reporting to provide better business filtering capabilities.

“With the increase of employees utilizing the Internet for personal use, we saw the importance of providing tools for employers to enhance security, reduce liability, and increase productivity, said Russ Warner, ContentWatch CEO and president.

Employee “cyberslacking exposes an organization’s network to malware, bandwidth degradation, and even liability that leads to lawsuits. CP Pro 3.5 helps IT managers keep their networks safe and employees productive by filtering inappropriate content, blocking sites containing malware and time wasting activities, and limiting Internet use to work-related activities.

New key features for ContentProtect Pro 3.5:

  • Profanity Masking—CP Pro 3.5 masks inappropriate user comments or other inappropriate language on websites, allowing the page to load, but blocking any objectionable words with a text mask (ex: !@#$).
  • Web Instant Message/Chat Monitoring—CP Pro not only filters, monitors, and alerts on MSN, Yahoo, AOL, and other instant message clients, but now offers that same protection for web chat programs like Google Talk and Facebook Chat.
  • Keyword Blocking—Administrators can choose to block specific websites that contain keywords from a customized list they create.
  • Advanced Proxy Guard Technology—CP Pro 3.5 blocks proxy websites and can filter both html and secure proxy (https://) websites. It also blocks any attempts to run the latest filter avoidance technology, local host proxies such as UltraSurf.

In addition to the new features, CP Pro 3.5 has completely redesigned and retooled reporting to provide administrators with flexibility and ease of use. CP Pro now has more filtering categories, making web activity easier to track and report. Administrators can also receive email and SMS notifications in real-time, enabling them to address issues as they arise, or at defined intervals. The CP Pro Application Manager (available in the CP Pro Suite) now supports 64-bit applications as well.

CP Pro is policy based, and is an ideal solution for small and large businesses, particularly those with distributed environments using mobile or notebook computers. CP Pro is available online at

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