You Get What You Pay For - Free Doesn't Mean Better

We here at Net Nanny get asked all the time, “why should I buy your product when there are free filters out there?"

Well, we think the best and easiest answer is, Try them both, and see. We’ll happily accept a head to head challenge any time.

On the other hand, to save you some time, we’ll give you some easy comparisons.

Beyond the simple fact that we filter better based on our award-winning, patent-pending dynamic contextual analysis filtering engine, and we are the most trusted name in Internet filtering in the world, there are 3 main points to make. Here are the points:

  • Net Nanny is hardened. That is, even tech-savvy teens have a very difficult time circumventing Net Nanny. Not only does Net Nanny stop users from using Proxies (which many expensive filters fail to do, much less free ones), we actually FILTER encrypted traffic. That traffic is invisible to almost every other parental control product. And once Net Nanny is installed, only parents can remove it from the machine. With almost any competing product, one of our guys can circumvent it in a matter of seconds.

  • Net Nanny has the most complete feature set. Most free filters are simple block and allow, with easily circumvented time controls (they use the system clock, rather than a server clock, so kids can just change the time on the computer to get around). Net Nanny offers Search Engine Reporting (know what kids are searching FOR, not just what they find), Profanity Masking (block out the curse words, but not the page), totally customizable alerts (get alerts if your kids are attempting to go places they shouldn’t), ESRB game rating control, and much more. The bottom line is, we do everything you want your parental control to do, and more.

  • We do Social Network monitoring (for sites like Facebook) far beyond the competition. Free products don’t do it at all. Other products claim Social Network monitoring, but don’t deliver. We capture Facebook profiles, chats, pictures, and even keep kids from posting pictures to online forums and sites. And we monitor more than just Facebook, including MySpace, Beebo, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr, and more. More than just blocking, we actually capture the data on those pages, and make it available in easy to read reports. We even monitor online chat programs, and not just MSN and AOL. It’s easy to block social network sites. It’s hard to capture the profiles on those sites and make them available in local, online, and emailed reports for parents to monitor. We do that.

We simply filter better, faster, and more accurately. We are listed as the number one Internet Filter on more than a dozen online review sites, including the biggest (Top Ten Reviews) and the most prestigious (PC Mag, where we are the Editor’s Choice, yet again).

Beyond all that, Net Nanny is easy to install, easy to administer, fully customizable for any family configuration, and we back up our product with free support and a money-back guarantee. We are constantly updating the product with new features and better capabilities. All for less than $40 a year (not a month).

Free? Sure, if you don’t care if it works. Otherwise, get Net Nanny.

Still Not Sure?

We don't blame you... how to protect your family online is a big decision. Here's a head to head comparison to help you choose:

Net NannyK9McGruffMcAfeeOpenDNS
Local Management Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Remote Management Yes No Yes No Yes
Email Alerts Yes No Yes No Yes
Dynamic Filtering Yes No No No No
Black List Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Proxy and HTTPS Filtering Yes No No No No
Social Network Profile Monitoring Yes No No No No
Internet Access Time Controls Yes Yes No Yes No
Prevent Picture Uploads Yes No No No No
Search Engine Reporting Yes No No No No
Profanity Masking Yes No No No No
Windows XP Support Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Macintosh Support Yes Yes No No Yes
Online Tech Support Unlimited Limited Limited Limited Limited
Email Tech Support Unlimited No No No No
Phone Tech Support Unlimited No No No No