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Parents Taking New Steps to Protect Their Children from Internet Porn

Although the reality is still shocking, fewer parents are surprised by the level of danger posed to their children by Internet predators and through Internet porn. Recent research from the PEW Research Center shows that the average age of first exposure to Internet porn is 11.

Parents are also becoming increasingly concerned about the dangers posed by instant messaging and Internet Chat. However, the first generations of Internet filtering software have produced challenges as well as solutions. Traditional Internet filters have been known for slowing down computer performance, for blocking appropriate and important sites as well as bad ones, and worst of all, for leaving behind holes that tech savvy children and teenagers can easily circumvent.

Fortunately, the technology is quickly improving. A leading provider of Internet protection software since 2001, ContentWatch, has completely re-architected the industry's current approaches to blocking unwanted content. In the course of creating this new technology, the company is giving parents new weapons to combat Internet Chat and Instant Messaging abuses as well.

Marty Jewell, of Decatur, Ill is just such a parent. When Marty's pre-teen daughter started using the Internet actively, Marty and her husband soon found out she was instant messaging some people who were using swear words. Worse still, they found an older ninth grade boy taking a strong personal interest in her. Marty knew she had to find a solution.

Marty reports that the software was indeed simple to use, and she loves it.

"This product was well worth the investment," she said. "I've recommended it to all of my family members and friends."

James and Piper Reimer of Prairie Village, Kansas, agree:

"We had an incident in our house with our young boys getting on a website we wished they hadn't," Piper said. "My husband did a search and he chose this product. We were especially conscious of getting protection in place because we have three computers in our house."

"We're primarily concerned right now about our children getting onto inappropriate websites," Piper continued. "Our sons aren't old enough to get on instant messaging yet, but when they do, we consider it extremely important that we keep their environment safe."

Unprecedented Speed

Historically, the biggest complaints about Internet filters are 1) that they aren't fully accurate, and 2) that they make the filtered computers run really slow.

ContentWatch's new ContentProtect has solved both of these problems with a patented blend of dynamic filtering and black list/white list functionality.

ContentProtect's new dynamic filtering engine reduces search requirements from as many 2,000 scans to as few as one search scan per page. Combined with personalized black list/white list specifications that parents can easily set, this new product is almost 100 percent accurate and takes all perceptible latency away.

Remote Management

In addition, ContentProtect 2.0 is the first product to let parents see exactly what's happening at any time on any of the home's computers. For example, if a child is using a home computer during hours they should be at school, the parent will know. If a child discovers a need to access sites that aren't normally available, for a specific homework assignment, for example, the parent can make the decision even from the workplace and can quickly and remotely allow temporary access or can make the decision to "white list" the site.

With ContentProtect, a parent can know from their workplace computer if a child is online, can monitor and manage the websites visited, and even view the text of internet chats. Even in a home with multiple computers, a parent can easily view and manage all PCs in the home from any web interface.

For parents who are interested in looking into ContentProtect further, the annual license cost is $39.99. Customers can download a two-week trial version of ContentProtect 2.0 from

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