Net Nanny Webinar:
Addiction & Intimacy - How & Why Addictions Prevent Intimacy

February 6, 2014

Presented by family therapist Dr. Kevin Skinner of Addo Recovery

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Family therapist Dr. Kevin Skinner explains how pornography addiction and intimacy can’t co-exist. In this webinar, you will learn tools and receive guidance on how to make the transition from addiction to intimacy. Learn how to create a meaningful intimate relationship, as couples work together in recovery.

As a licensed marriage and family therapist, Dr. Skinner has been helping families for 18 years. He's the co-founder and Clinical Director of Addo Recovery, a company with a vision to use technology to help and support individuals and couples whose lives have been turned upside down by pornography and sexual addiction.

Dr. Skinner’s passion is helping people change their lives. He enjoys providing as much help as he can to those who are struggling using a variety of mediums. He is the author of, “Treating Pornography Addiction,” has created various audio series regarding pornography addiction and relationship intimacy, and is currently providing an online educational class to women dealing with betrayal trauma.