Net Nanny is not filtering while I browse the Internet using the AOL browser, but filters other browsers

Net Nanny 6.5 • 1 August 2008

This article refers to an older version of this product.

AOL has made changes to their Internet browser which has caused it to not be able to be filtered by older versions of ContentProtect and Net Nanny.
If your copy of ContentProtect or Net Nanny is up-to-date, however (CP 2.5+ or NN 5.6+), there is a workaround for AOL browsers other than anything higher9.0 VR, which is not supported at this time.
In order to filter through the AOL Browser, it will be necessary to turn off their Web Accelerator. Below are instructions:

Turn off accelerator (AOL 9)

  • Open the AOL browser
  • click the 'settings' tab on the AOL toolbar
  • On the 'essentials' tab select 'Internet [web] options'
  • The 'browser settings' window will pop open, select the 'TopSpeed' tab
  • Uncheck the box titled 'Turn on AOL topspeed'
  • Click Save

Turn off Image compression (may not be necessary)
  • Log onto AOL, go to the Task Bar and choose "My AOL".
  • Choose "Preferences Guide"
  • Click on "The Web" or WWW, whichever you have.
  • Choose "Web Graphics"
  • Make sure "Use Compressed Graphics" is un-clicked.

NOTE: AOL 9.0 VR is not compatible with Net Nanny or ContentProtect as AOL has disabled the ability to turn off the Web Accelerator in their latest version.