Net Nanny is causing my computer or Internet to run slow

Net Nanny 5.1.x • 8 February 2011

This article refers to an older version of this product.

Net Nanny should not be slowing down your Internet connection or your computer. You will need to uninstall and reinstall to fix this problem.

Before you reinstall, go to the Start Menu and do a Windows Update. During download and installation, please make sure that all other programs are turned off on your computer, especially anti-virus software. Also, please make sure you are logged on to the administrator account when you install and configure Net Nanny.

It is also a good idea to clear any spyware off your computer. There is a free program you can download from called Ad-Aware. Install and run this on your computer to delete any spyware.

Spyware is advertising that's installed against your knowledge on your computer and that affects which advertisements you see when you're online. It can also affect the speed of your Internet connection and cause websites to re-direct.

If you have the CD, use that to re-install.

If you purchased from our website (, you can re-download the software from You will need your order number and password or the last 5 digits of the credit card and the email address you used when you originally purchased the software. If you have any questions about your account, please email us directly at

If you originally received an unlock key or serial number, you will need to enter that name/key or serial number once you install the software to unlock it. You can find your unlock name/key, or serial number from

If you purchased a CD from a retail store, the serial number or unlock name/key are on the flap of the envelope that the CD came in.

If you purchased the software from a different web site, you will need to contact their customer service for another download.

Further Suggestions:

For customers running versions of Net Nanny earlier than, install this patch to upgrade:

You can either click on the link to run it or copy and paste the entire link into your web browser, then press enter on your keyboard. Click "run" to start the installation.

Please note this effect can result from other programs being simultaneously filtered by Net Nanny.

You should turn off the "Rating Systems" entirely. Go to your Net Nanny Settings => User Settings => Select your user => Blocking Options tab. Make sure that the option to "Activate Specified Rating Systems" is NOT selected.

You need to go through the list of items that "startup" when the computer does and stop certain programs from "auto logon" , eg: going on line before Net Nanny is ready; programs like this include instant messengers, p2p file trading software and anti-virus "live updates".

If your system performance is still slow:

Please be aware that filtering is a very intensive activity for a computer, which has to check all the material against the "good/bad" criteria set up. In certain machines, this can be the "straw that breaks the camels back", and there is little else to be done except to make sure no unnecessary programs are running while accessing the net.