I want to allow certain items but can't see how in the log.

Ad-Free • 18 October 2004

This article refers to a product no longer developed by ContentWatch.

Many websites produce a lot of ads, popups, and cookies very quickly so sometimes you'll see dozens of similar looking entries from a single page load.

To zero in on what you're looking for first clear your browser's cache then clear AF's log, then go to the page you're interested in.

Next, allow all the items in the log of the type you're trying to allow. For example, if you're trying to allow an advertisment, look for all entries of type Ad and allow them all if you can't sort out exactly which one to use or if using only one doesn't solve the problem.

If that doesn't work you may also have to allow cookies and possibly popups from that page.

If that still doesn't work you can always add the domain name of the entire site to the appropriate list.