ContentWatch Announces Partnership with SafeSurf

Archived Press Release from 05/02/2005

ContentWatch Partners With SafeSurf to Stomp Out Pornography and Provide a Safer Internet Experience for Libraries, Schools, Businesses and Families

        <b>SALT LAKE CITY &#8211; May 2, 2005</b> &#8211; ContentWatch Inc., 
        a trusted provider of Internet filter and protection tools designed 
        for families and small businesses, today announced a partnership with 
        SafeSurf, a leading organization established to protect users of all 
        types on the Internet. Through filtering technology provided by ContentWatch 
        and SafeSurf&#8217;s passion for creating tools and standards that 
        protect families, schools, libraries and businesses online, the companies 
        form a strong alliance against Internet predators and purveyors of 
        &#8220;ContentWatch is excited about partnering with a leading organization 
        whose sole purposes are to protect children from objectionable Web 
        content and to increase productivity and reduce Internet risks in 
        businesses and organizations,&#8221; said Jack Sunderlage, President 
        &amp; CEO of ContentWatch. &#8220;SafeSurf has a long and credible 
        history of providing wonderful tools and guidance regarding Internet 
        usage for businesses and families.<br><br>
        ContentProtect, an industry leading Internet filter, and ContentProtect 
        Suite, a suite of Internet protection tools including Internet filtering, 
        spam blocking and pop-up window blocking will be made available for 
        purchase through the SafeSurf site beginning immediately. These products 
        have been uniquely designed for small businesses and organizations. 
        ContentProtect has been rated the number one Internet filter. Its 
        dynamic filtering technology makes it the best choice for protecting 
        children, families and small organizations on the Internet.<br><br>
        &#8220;SafeSurf is pleased to make ContentWatch products available 
        from its Web site,&#8221; said Ray Soular, Chairman of SafeSurf. &#8220;Our 
        customers will benefit greatly by having access to these industry 
        leading Internet protection tools.&#8221;<br>
        <b>About SafeSurf</b><br>
        SafeSurf began in 1995 as the first organization dedicated to protecting 
        children on the Internet.&nbsp; They launched the Internet's first 
        rating standard, helped write the PICS protocol, which was adopted 
        as part of the Web's communication spec by the World Wide Web Consortium 
        at MIT.&nbsp; SafeSurf has assisted lawmakers, filtering software 
        developers, media representatives, other child safety organizations, 
        and thousands of parents to become the leader in the field online 
        child safety. More information on SafeSurf can be found at <a href="" target="_blank"></a>.<br>
        <b>About ContentWatch</b><br>
        ContentWatch, Inc. delivers Internet protection solutions for the 
        home, library, education, government and business markets. ContentWatch&#8217;s 
        mission is to be the world leader in thought and technology by creating 
        Internet protection tools and services that provide homes and businesses 
        with a safer, more productive Internet experience. Based in Salt Lake 
        City, ContentWatch has customers in all 50 states and more than 100 
        countries and was recently selected by The Walt Disney Company as 
        the official filtering software for its Disney Dream Desk PC for kids. 
        For more information on ContentWatch products, visit <a href=""></a>.