Student Threat at School Averted Thanks to Attentive Parent

Mar 07, 2012

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This week, a school in Arkansas was forced into lockdown due to a threat posted on Facebook by a 9th grade student.

A concerned parent called the school Monday and told officials of a threat posted on Facebook which said that teachers and students would be harmed. Jerry Noble, the superintendent, immediately called for a search for the boy after the tip was given and could not find him in school. The boy's absence caused a lockdown. Fortunately, they found the boy quickly, no one was harmed, and all returned home safely.

A concerned parent, Terry Lyons, told the local news station, "I think it takes a community to raise kids. You know, if you see something questionable are doing, I'm going to tell [their parents]." She also said, "We have 'Net Nanny'...and I check it often. I get notices whenever there's questionable material."