Oct 05, 2012

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A new website has been launched called that does exactly what it sounds like: it helps people struggling to overcome porn addiction. The site has a lot of helpful articles about the science behind addiction, and information on how to overcome it, as well as informative videos, all contributed to by experts in addiction. There is also a forum where users can connect with others in the same situation.

An addiction to pornography affects all aspects of the addict's life, and it's important to seek help. There is no shame in doing this.

This website is only one of many ways to help porn addicts. Net Nanny has a program called the Net Nanny Pornography Addict Sponsor Program, where anyone struggling with a pornography addiction is provided with a free copy of Net Nanny as long as they have a sponsor willing to work with them.

The resources available to help individuals with pornography addictions are great tools in recovery, but we encourage parents to try and prevent the need for such tools if possible. Net Nanny, while useful in recovery, is meant to be a preventative tool. Parents can set age-appropriate content filters to protect children from unwanted exposure to pornography. Because pornography is addictive, don't risk the potential consequences of a child accidentally or intentionally accessing pornographic material online. Net Nanny is an easy-to-use tool that can help you have peace of mind when your kids go online.

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