Parents Clueless About Children’s Internet Use

Nov 04, 2015

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Do you know what your children are doing online? Most parents don’t. A research study done in Australia found that three-quarters of parents don’t know what their children are doing online.

Talking to children about internet safety can often be a sensitive topic. Children may think that their parents don’t know anything about the Internet. And most parents don’t know what to talk to their children about.

There are many things on the Internet that are good for children. Children can use it for school assignments, watching movies and TV shows , or keeping in touch with friends and family. There are also many things that are not good for children on the Internet, such as pornography and sexting.

Parents should first decide what is appropriate for their child. Every child will be different: what is okay for a teenager may not be appropriate for a younger child. Then, parents should communicate what is appropriate and what is not appropriate. Setting clear guidelines and establishing consequences is important to ensure that the child does not actively access inappropriate things online.

Parents should also discuss why some things on the Internet are not appropriate. According to the same Australian study, 41% of parents never discussed concerns on the Internet like sexting, cyberbullying, or talking to strangers online. When children understand why certain things on the Internet are inappropriate, they are more likely to follow the rules of safe internet browsing.

While technology trends are constantly changing, parents need to keep up-to-date on what their children are doing online. One thing parents can do is take a look at their kid's phone and ask them what each app does. They can also follow their kids on social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram so they know what their kids are posting.

One way to monitor a child’s activity and prevent them from accessing inappropriate websites is through an internet filter. Net Nanny can both monitor your child’s activity on the Internet and can block inappropriate websites from being accessed, depending on what the parents deem appropriate.


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