More Than Just “How Do I Block a Website?”

Aug 06, 2015

Net Nanny has been the leader in blocking pornography and other objectionable content online for over 15 years. Throughout the last 15 years we have seen enormous changes in the way we use technology and how the Internet has become woven tightly into our daily lives and communications.

Although the way the Internet is used has evolved and varied with time, the common concerns of parents regarding their child’s safety online remains constant. It seems that the without fail the number one question ever posed when it comes to protecting kids online is, “How do I block a website?”

Usually, when a parent is concerned about the content found on a website the immediate reaction is to “block” the site. The problem with this mentality is that the Internet is full of content that is re-linked, re-shared, downloaded, redistributed, hosted on other website, re-copied, etc. Typically blocking a single page is not going to ensure that this undesired content does not reach your family.

When a parent asks “How do I block a website?” typically the underlying hope is block a certain type of content that is potentially inappropriate or dangerous. This is the reason the accurate and real-time content categorization is so important.

Dynamically determining what type of content is on a website and then blocking the content that parents are concerned about IE, pornography or violence, is really the only way to ensure kids are safe and protected.

There are literally thousands of ways you can block a single website, but don’t fool yourself into thinking you have done much to stop the unwanted content, it is most surely available someplace else online.

The good news is the companies like Net Nanny know this, and have spent years optimizing their solutions to detect and categorize content accurately and efficiently, and even better is that this applies to every site not just the ones you know about or get put into a list.

So instead of blocking “YouTube” because there was an inappropriate violent video, or “Hustler” because you don’t want the kids exposed pornography,  maybe consider blocking “pornography and violence” and letting a real content filtering solution do the work for you. This ensures that the bad sites are blocked and the bad content is blocked too.