More Than Just a Pornography Filter

Sep 05, 2012

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Most of our customers buy Net Nanny to block inappropriate content. However, one mother wrote to us about her experience with the product and how it changed based on day-to-day challenges.

This mom described how she discovered the hard way that kids are good at getting around certain blocks.

Mom learned Net Nanny can be configured to send email alerts to parents whenever certain sites are accessed, such as Facebook. Mom had taken away her daughter's Facebook privileges as a punishment for bad grades, and one day got an email about Facebook activity, despite “banning” her daughter from Facebook.

Mom investigated and found that her daughter had set up a new Facebook profile under a different name, using a new email account she had also set up without permission.

Without Net Nanny, Mom would probably have never discovered her daughter going behind her back.

Kids today can't remember a world without constant Internet access, and they've learned tricks and work-arounds that wouldn't even occur to their less tech-savvy parents.

We understand this challenge. With its various features, Net Nanny helps alleviate some of the stress of parenting by making parents more aware of children's Internet activity.

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