Monitoring Teens in the Digital Age

Jan 15, 2016

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Teens aren’t the only ones who live in a world run by digital devices; Parents of teenagers have had to adapt and adopt the tech- filled lifestyle in order to stay up with the trends. Parenting has shifted from being aware of who your child is friends with at school, to monitoring your child’s online interactions and behavior.

The Pew Research Center recently surveyed parents of teens (ages 13-17) and found that many parents are stepping up their “parenting game.” In general, they are aware of their teen’s online activities and have taken various actions to monitor and manage time spent online.

 According to the survey results, parents prefer to take more of a hands-on approach when monitoring online activities. The most popular methods they are using are: checking websites that their teens have visited (61%), checking social media profiles (60%), friending or following their teen on social networks (56%), reviewing their teen’s text messages (48%), and knowing their passwords for email accounts (48%), cell phones (43%) , and social media accounts (35%).

Despite parents taking these significant steps to monitor their teens, the majority is far less likely to install parental controls and other tech-based tools to help them in their monitoring efforts (stated above).  The survey showed that only 39% of parents use parental controls to block, filter, or monitor online activities.

If you are parent of a teen, take a moment to consider the actions you take to ensure the safety of your children.  Net Nanny provides parents with a way to watch their child’s web activities when they can’t do it themselves. Visit Net Nanny’s Blog for other ideas, tips, and information on Internet safety.

Pew Research Center Chart 01

Pew Research Center Chart 02

Source:  Parents, Teens and Digital Monitoring, Pew Research Center