Mobile Carrier Parental Control Solutions Are Not Enough

Jul 10, 2012

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Cell phone companies know there are risks when kids use mobile devices. AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, and Sprint each offer free Parental Controls for their customers now, with more targeted programs available for a monthly fee.

The solutions offered by these U.S. mobile carriers address cyberbullying, child predators, and overage on data plans.

It's great that U.S. mobile carriers have some solutions in place, but a remaining concern is that when a child goes to Wi-Fi from the carrier network, protection stops. A safe browser is vital for kids accessing the Web on their mobile devices.

So while parents can take advantage of these services offered by their mobile carrier, they should also have parental control software in place to provide the comprehensive protection necessary to combat the dangers facing mobile-device-wielding kids today. Net Nanny will be there to provide that needed protection and peace of mind.

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