Is Mobile Banking Safe?

Jan 16, 2013

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Geo-Tracking Smartphone

It seems that people are doing everything on their smartphones nowadays. And that includes mobile banking. Instead of going to a physical location, or even banking from their computer, consumers are now using phones to access a bank account.

Are there dangers lurking in mobile banking?

Mobile phones are susceptible to malware, which is often downloaded accidentally by users who think they are getting a legitimate app. These malware apps can help thieves steal your identity.  

Phones can also be easy lost or stolen. How many times have you misplaced yours?

If you use mobile banking, consider taking steps to prevent identity theft. These steps include:

  • Use an antivirus program to protect your phone from malicious apps
  • Use a remote-wipe service if your phone is stolen
  • Log out of bank apps or sites as soon as you’re done- never store the password on the phone
  • Check with your bank to see if they offer some kind of protection or insurance for transactions that occurred on stolen devices.


A final word of advice: Always make sure you’ve typed the address correctly before entering your account information. A common trick of identity thieves is to set up sites with a URL that is the same as a bank’s, but with two letters switched, in hopes that users won’t notice and type in their information.

Technology is a great thing, and it makes lives easier if it’s used responsibly. Make sure that you understand what you’re getting into when you download apps, be careful not to give away sensitive information, and make sure you keep track of your phone if you are going to bank with it.

I work for Net Nanny. The opinions expressed here are my own.