How to Create a Safe Online Environment for a Child

Nov 15, 2013

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"his" computerSocial media has become part of childhood, in most cases. Instead of meeting up in the neighborhood, kids meet up over chat rooms, gaming sites, through apps, and on social networks. They add friends (who may not be friends) one by one, at the click of a button.

Parents observe this societal change and know that their own child has asked or will ask to be involved in these new social norms. However, how can parents create a safe online environment for a child?  Where should one start?

The first step is to have a candid conversation with your child. Listen to their concerns and express your concerns in turn. Let them know you want to protect them. Kids like to feel safe and will appreciate your efforts to watch over and protect them.

Kids also like to have boundaries and rules. Develop a few for them to abide by. Discuss the dangers of online relationships and interactions. There are stories in the news about all of the topics mentioned above. 

Discuss the need to avoid sharing too much information.  Thieves and predators are looking for that type of data.

Parents should also educate themselves on the issues. Read and learn about each form of online activity and the inherent dangers.

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