How Facebook Affects Us

Feb 19, 2013

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Facebook button

There is a new study suggesting that Facebook may be helping us lose our self-control when it comes to spending money and eating. The study found that those who spent more time on Facebook had higher credit card debt, and that just five minutes spent on Facebook a day lowered a user’s self-control.  According to the authors, this is because Facebook increases our self-esteem, which “negatively impacts our decision-making skills and judgment.”

Another study suggests that users who log on to Facebook experience a self-esteem boost by using their profiles to affect how others see them online. And yet another study suggested that Facebook leads users to feel dejected and worthless, because they were comparing themselves to their online friends.

Whatever the effects of Facebook on us, the fact that it can affect us that much is scary. And it’s also scary how much time everyone, kids and adults, is spending on Facebook. If you’re concerned about how much time your child is spending on Facebook, or online in general, consider using Net Nanny’s time management controls to limit your child’s internet use.

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