Going on Vacation? Protect Your Devices While Away.

Apr 23, 2012

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Going on vacation should be an enjoyable experience. You make extensive plans to enjoy the time away. You ask your boss for time off, you brag on Facebook that you'll be jet setting and you plan so that everything goes perfectly. Now all you need to do is pack, right?

Before you hurry off to board your flight, don't forget your mobile devices! You can't leave them behind; otherwise, how would you post all the envy-inducing pictures of you at that amazing restaurant or on the beach? Be sure to take these precautions to stay mobile-device safe in other lands.

Backup your data—this is in preparation for the worst scenario: your device getting stolen.

Install antivirus software on your device—this software is a must-have, especially since mobile malware is on the rise. Antivirus and anti-spyware software will keep all your devices protected.

Use lock, locate and wipe software—with this type of software, you can locate your device if it is stolen as well as remotely lock and delete information.

Password-protect your device—passwords are a low-tech way to protect your phone from being accessed by a stranger. Just make sure the password isn't obvious.

Inform someone. Tell your close friends and family when and where you are traveling and how to reach you.

Disable automatic connections. Make sure that your computer is not set up to automatically connect to any wireless networks within your range.

Consider a virtual private network (VPN) service—having a VPN blocks hackers from intercepting your data by encrypting it. A VPN service allows you to access the hotel's Wi-Fi without worrying if it's secure.

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