Everloop: Facebook Junior

Nov 20, 2012

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Everloop is a social network for the under-thirteen crowd co-founded by online parenting expert Hilary DeCesare as a way to safely introduce children to the online world. The site provides kids the opportunity to “share photos, play games, watch videos, send messages and join ‘loops’ that focus on their interests to connect with other kids.” DeCesare discusses Everloop and getting kids online safely here.

Rather than banning kids from social networks entirely until they’re older, Everloop aims to teach kids appropriate online behavior before they move on to other sites. The site monitors everything that kids post and blocks anything inappropriate before it’s posted. That way, kids can see what’s good to post as well as what’s bad to post. The site blocks kids from posting personal information, since doing so is a huge no-no in today’s world because of the danger of online predators and identity thieves. It also blocks kids from engaging in cyberbullying, which is against the law in most states. If kids persist in posting inappropriate content, Everloop switches from automatic monitoring to monitoring by humans.

Other safe social networks for kids include Disney’s Club Penguin, Fantage, Moshi Monsters, Your Sphere, and Franktown Rocks.

DeCesare recommends that parents who are confused by all the new popular websites should start using them so they can understand them. Parents concerned about what their kids are up to online should consider monitoring their behavior with Net Nanny’s award-winning web filter. In addition to this, Net Nanny has a Learning Center for parents who are seeking to understand the online world and the dangers associated with it.

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