Even the Nice Guys Can Be Predators

Sep 18, 2015

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Watch the news and you’ll see news stories about sexual predators taking advantage of younger children. Every day, kids are being taken advantage of, and some of these criminals are caught. Oftentimes, it can surprise us when we see familiar faces on the news of people we know who were charged for child pornography and other crimes against children.

Some of the people that get caught with child pornography are people we trust. Religious leaders may use their position to lure children. Schoolteachers deal with many children every day. Even family members can use the relationship of trust that they have with child family members to make the children do inappropriate things.

Producers of child pornography are not always scary looking people that appear evil. Someone that you know and trust could be involved in the child pornography business. A lot of times it’s the people we least expect because they are so great or have successful careers or have wonderful families.

Researchers have found that pedophiles are not very different from the general population. Many are in a committed relationship, or even married. Many are just as religious as the general population and have about the same education levels.

The stereotype that people have about pedophiles is that they are scary men who are evil. However, this can be a dangerous stereotype. Parents may teach their children to stay away from strangers or “evil-looking men.” What they don’t teach children to do is to be careful even with their teachers or their family members. Researchers say that 80% of children that were molested or victims of child pornography were victimized by someone they knew.

Parents should make sure their children are aware of pedophiles. They should remind their children that pedophiles can be strangers, but they could also be people that they trust. Children should know what are inappropriate things pedophiles might ask them to do so that when the situation arises, they know what is going on. Communication and education is the best thing parents can do to prevent their children from becoming victims.

** The information used in this article is from the Washingtonpost.com