Don't Let Kids Have 'Admin' Rights on your Windows PC

Feb 03, 2014

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In a recent webinar, we talked about not letting your child have "admin" rights on his Windows computer because he can make many changes that might circumvent your rules (such as uninstalling Net Nanny or other programs blocking porn).

An administrator can add/remove software, make changes to the system or network, add/remove other users, etc.  In short, the admin is all powerful on that PC.

Here's a little more basic info on that topic about how to add a user to your Windows PC.

In Microsoft Windows, when you login to a computer, your “computer session” is associated with a user. You can see which users are created by going to the Windows Control Panel to “User Accounts.”  

In “User Accounts,” you can create “users” for your computer. There are 2 types of users: “Administrators” and “Standard.”  Best practice is to make sure that each member of your family is logging in to the computer as a user and not an Administrator.  Administrators have the right to do anything on the PC. 

You can also create new users from the “User Accounts” section, if you don’t yet have any users created. You will want to ensure that for the account that is an “Administrator,” you have set a password; this should be a password that you (parent) keep but don’t share with your family.

Use this method as a backup and for a more secure Internet and parental controls filter.