Digital Citizenship: Have You Had the "Share Talk" with Your Kids?

Sep 09, 2015

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We’ve received multiple warnings about oversharing on social media because of scammers, hackers, stalkers, and bullies. Now, teens need to be careful about what they are sharing because of colleges and employers.

Resumes, G.P.A.’s and test scores aren’t the only thing that they are looking at anymore. Many colleges and employers consider social media profiles an extension of an application.  Resumes are still important in determining qualifications and abilities; however, social media is ideal for assessing applicants’ dependability and character.

In regards to college, Kaplan released a survey stating that college applicants are more likely to be rejected if they post inappropriate content.

Here are a few ways to help your teen manage their social media footprint:

  1. Check their digital trail by searching for them on Google. View the results from a college or employer’s perspective and make sure it coincides with the application.
  2. Limit profile visibility to friends only.
  3. Make sure  profile photo is appropriate.
  4. Remove any past Facebook posts from public view.
  5. Take control of tagging (i.e. don’t allow friends to tag your teen because it is uncontrollable.)

Social media can either hurt or help your teens chances of employment and college acceptance. Help your teen to “post responsibly” and consider who might be looking at their profile besides their friends. Net Nanny Social can help you monitor and see the content that your teen is posting.