Calling All Teens: eBay Wants You

Aug 10, 2012

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E-commerce increasingly gains popularity as the way to purchase, and now it's true for younger generations. According to the United States Public Interest Research Group consumer director, Ed Mierzwinski, “Kids are the emerging market for…companies. You want to get teens into the fold early--they dictate what the family buys, they are going to be the most brand-loyal.” (Source: Wall Street Journal.)

eBay has stated that it will begin marketing to and allowing teens under 18 years old to set-up accounts and to access the website to buy products.

Of course, there are many who disagree with such a change in policy. Adult materials like DVDs and sexual aids are sold on eBay.

eBay will likely require teenagers to seek parental authorization in applying for accounts to safeguard against the potential risk of exposure to adult products and to appease privacy concerns.

Selling to minors can be a delicate task. The marketers at eBay can't “treat minors like little adults, and that means they have to rethink their data tracking and their targeted advertising.”

Kids are immersed in a digital world. In the past, auction sales were only for adults. Kids are a driving force in the market. More companies will target the youth as time goes on.

What precautions should eBay take in order to protect young users?

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