5 Tech Etiquette Rules

Nov 24, 2015

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Thanksgiving means social gatherings, family, and food. For parents, it also means making sure your kids’ table manners are up to par.  But table manners aren’t the only things parents need to watch out for this holiday; make sure you and your children are educated and aware of the five tech etiquette rules.  

1.  Oversharing

The holidays are the most tempting times to post on social media and for good reason.  However, it is important to think twice about what you’re sharing, and whom you are sharing it with. Ask your children (and yourself) these questions before posting on social media: How will this benefit others? What message will I be sending? Could this be offensive or hurtful to anyone? Take time to think before posting this Thanksgiving.

2. Disappearing with Devices

Socializing with family can be both fun and tiring. It will be tempting for you and your children to escape for a while to check the latest newsfeed pictures or play a game of candy crush.  There is nothing more tacky that trying to hold a conversation with someone who is staring at their screen. This Thanksgiving make it a point to leave devices at home or in the car and be where you are.

3.  Foodgrams

Instagram and other social media networks have come a long way since it first launched. Users would primarily post pictures of their breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Although instagrammers have progressed to posting more substantial images, Thanksgiving is a time that many people revert to their old ways. You can eat it, and you can think it, but resist the urge to show off your perfectly bronzed rolls and sweet potatoes.

4. Snapping Photos

Everyone has a smartphone now. Grandma will be taking pictures, along with aunts, uncles, and children. Be considerate of others and don’t take too many unwanted photos.  When tagging your family and friends, be mindful- you make look good but others might not feel the same way about themselves. Get permission first or don’t post at all.

5.  Focus on Others

Be engaging on and offline. If you are going to be online, don’t make it all about you. Encourage conversations, respond, and comment. The holidays are a time to turn attention away from yourselves and look to help others. Reciprocate the social media love everyone is starving for.

Enjoy your Thanksgiving and remember to unplug this season.

*** The information used in this article is from Qustodio.com