10 Best Technology Gifts for Kids in 2016

Nov 17, 2016

Can you believe it? Christmas is already around the corner. Now we all know the expression “time flies,” but I certainly didn’t see this coming already! With Black Friday right around the corner, boys and girls already have their eyes on the latest tech gifts to ask for this Christmas. Here are the 10 best ones out of the bunch. As always, please exercise precaution with Internet safety, since some of these gifts have apps that rely on smartphone connections and wi-fi. With Net Nanny, parents can gain access to powerful tools to see which Apps their kids are using and create limitations/Restrictions on their use!

Smart R2-D2:
21 R2D2
With Start Wars in full swing this year, what better than a fully interactive R2-D2 that responds to your voice, and actions with all the beeps and sounds you would hear from R2-D2. There is also an interactive remote control app to allow full control of R2-D2.

Leapfrog Leappad Platinum:
22 Leapfrog
For security reasons there are always pros and cons behind getting your child a tablet, but this will allow parents to reclaim their iPads from the kids. It comes with kid-friendly apps loaded, and keeps security and internet safety in mind with timers and parental controls.

Discovery Channel 360 Super HD Microscope:
23 DiscoveryChannel
Pairing a smartphone with a microscope makes this one a very popular item, but parent’s make sure to limit the smartphone usage. This will allow tech and science to mix in a creative way as a smartphone mounted to the microscope allows your kids to take pictures of whatever is underneath the microscope.

24 Cubetto
This one is unique because it allows kids at any age to basically learn coding. It’s tough to tell on the surface because it is basically putting colorful plastic pieces into a sliding board. Looks can be deceiving, but don’t give up on this one just yet.

Marvin’s IMagic:
25 Marvins
This one may be at the top of the list because it combines the best of traditional magic with Augmented Reality (AR) via an iOS or Android app. Hello 21st Century illusionists.

26 Osmo
Parents, please monitor this closely because this gadget requires an iPad because of the mount used for it. Slide the reflector over the front facing camera on the iPad and you’ve just created an interactive learning experience for your kids. There are several kits you can purchase to combine real world shapes and numbers, with digital counterparts.

DIY Electric Dough Kit:
27 DIYElectric
Yes this is exactly how it sounds. Imagine combining Play-Doh with your Lite Brite when you were kids (yes I am that old). You mold your dough to your shapes, then attach LED lights, buzzers, and wires. I consider this bridging the generation gap.

Sphero BB-8:
28 SpheroBB
Ok, maybe you’re not an R2-D2 fan, so why not go with BB-8. Again another droid that can be remotely controlled via your smartphone app (iOS or Android). Another option is to just let BB-8 roam and freely explore on its own.

Anki Overdrive:
29 AnkiOverdrive
Racecars combined with virtual reality. Players have full control over these racecars on a physical track just like when we were kids; this time however smartphones have full control over the two cars on this track. Labeled robotic supercars, the cars can be controlled via iOS or Android apps.

Mirobot V2:
210 Mirobot
This bot connects to Wi-Fi and once assembled (claims are that it is easy for kids to assemble, no soldering required), it will draw for kids based on commands from a smartphone app automatically. There is intelligence built in to keep it from running into walls. For Internet security reasons, we recommend to only connect this to a private wi-fi network preferably your home wi-fi and not an open network.

Source: Stuff TV